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Celebrating 25 years of Triple Eight Containers 🎉

At the The Self Storage Association UK event in Telford last week, one of our first customers reminded us that Triple Eight Containers has now been trading for 25 years. 🏨

What an achievement for a small family business!

With a background in freight forwarding and accounting, John Emms started the business in 1999. For those who know John, you will know of his extreme generosity, sharp conversation and strong love for wine.

Evelyn Hayward, his right hand, joined the business shortly after. The pair grew the business throughout the years, maintaining strong relations with their customer base. By offering lease purchase options to their customers, John and Evelyn allowed businesses to start their self-storage journey with less strain on their finances. 

Marina joined the team in 2018 and quickly developed a passion for the industry and the family business. 

Triple Eight has been a member of the SSA UK for over 20 years and is delighted to be part of an association promoting strong industry values and vision: ‘To ensure a sustainable and self-regulated self-storage industry in the UK.’

With that in mind, we thought we'd share some photos dating back to the early 2000s, featuring John Emms in his early days. Safe to say that the containers have aged better than him. 

To all our customers, long standing and new, thank you for your business and for loyalty.


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