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40ft Containers

Triple Eight also offers 40' containers to order.  We can arrange to deliver from our UK wide depots. As with our our container equipment, they come factory painted in our fleet colour, dark cobalt blue, technically listed as RAL5013. 

Delivery of a 40' container to new self storage site


  • External Length: 12.2m / 40ft

  • External Width: 2.44m / 8ft

  • External Height:2.6m / 8ft 6in

  • Door access: 2.34m / 7ft 8in

  • Internal Length: 12.04m / 39ft 5in

  • Internal Width: 2.35m / 7ft 8in

  • Internal Height: 2.39m / 7ft 10in

  • Door Height: 2.28m / 7ft 5in

General Spec

Colour:                                 Our fleet colour is dark cobalt blue [RAL5013], but offer a range of colours

Cubic capacity:                    67.60cu m / 2,386cu ft

Max Gross weight:               30480kgs / 67208lbs

Tare Weight:                         3720kgs / 8203lbs

Structure:                            Corten steel doors, sides, frame and understructure, with marine ply flooring

Certification:                        Lloyds register or BV certified to ISO standard and CSC plate

Vents & pockets:                 Normally a minimum of 4 vents on each side & fork lift pockets at the front, back.                                                                          & sides

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